Is socialising making you anxious?

What a weird couple of weeks hey? If you are feeling anxious, I totally get it. On the weekend I went to dinner, lunch, a party, and I felt weird during it all.

I thought my days of feeling socially awkward were over, but I think this lockdown has really screwed with me! 

At a party on Saturday, I was so tempted to have a tequila shot! I mean who would know if I just had one secret shot. Though the problem was I would know!

Then I remembered my decision to give up drinking wasn’t about anyone else it was about the anxiety I had with myself. It was about the guilt and shame knowing I could be so much more without alcohol, and I was holding myself back. 

So again, I played out that tape and realised my true self doesn’t want to have a drink. My true self wants to wake up fresh in the morning, do my assignment, go for a walk, and improve my mental health.

My biggest advice as we go back into socialising is patient with yourself and don’t think too far ahead. Just think about being sober in that moment.

Don’t think about Christmas, New Years and all the other festive events.

Just think about now and question yourself: Are you wanting to drink because you are feeling impulsive or uncomfortable?

If it’s a yes know that those feelings will pass and just accept them. It’s ok to feel uncomfortable because being uncomfortable is what facilitates growth. 

Remember when you first started that new job, it’s always awkward when you are the new person and must learn everything again. You just want to skip the first couple of months to the part where you know everything and everyone! Socialising sober is exactly the same, it won’t always be hard, but you do need to feel awkward at the start because it’s something new. 

What makes this time even harder is that most of us have come out of lock down, so we are trying to adjust to being around people again. It’s a double whammy but I promise you it will be worth it. 

When you wake up in the morning feeling fresh and empowered because you did the thing you said you were going to do, there is no better feeling. 

Love Mel xxx

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