Members Faqs

How do I not feel overwhelmed with the Whats App group?

This journey is tiring and if you try to 100% engage with this chat it will burn you out. It’s important you set boundaries with the members chat. This group is for you to connect on your terms. I know it can seem very overwhelming when there are heaps of messages  but you have no obligation to reply. Some of us who are perfectionists also think we have to be perfect in our sobriety but that’s not the case.  A few points to remember when using this group 
  •  It’s ok to turn your notifications off actually I would highly recommend it. You want this to be a space where you can come when you are feeling it. Not a space that is interrupting your day.
  • You do not need to catch up on messages. I would set certain hours in the week to go through the messages you want and archive any which you think are important.
  • you do not have to reply to all the messages. Again you have control here so only reply when you feel called to. You will find when you don’t have that pressure on you, your responses will be more meaningful.
  •  You can mute the chat for as long as you need to. Instead you can directly text me or call me if you need support.
  •  If there is a message you want to respond to but don’t have the time. Mark it as unread by swiping right on the message and tap unread button. This will allow you to reply when the time is right for you.

Who is INMIB membership for?

Anyone who is seeking a break from alcohol whether it be a week, a month, a year, or forever. 

Breaking up from booze can be tough whilst living in a society that glamourizes and markets booze consistently. Mel, our founder understood the importance of community in the alcohol-free and sober curious journeys and wanted to make sure people that were seeking a break from booze had an incredible community of cheerleaders to boost moral and share resources, and their experiences with. Mel has also realized, whilst on her own journey, that immersing yourself in the science behind how alcohol influences your body and brain whilst learning alcohol-free ways to celebrate, commiserate, and nurture yourself is imperative to a successful alcohol-free or sober curious journey.   And so the membership was born. To welcome all reconsidering their relationship with booze into a positive and understanding community and to share imperative knowledge and tools to assist you with your goal to take a break from booze.  

What type of events does INMIB host and where?

As part of your membership, you have access to numerous online events that include a monthly book club, workshops, inspirational speakers, and sober coaches.

There is also a monthly “Coffee and Chats” that is held to create space for the entire community to get to know one another in a casual setting and through sharing experiences. This online event is open to all. 

Throughout the year, INMIB will host a series of in-person events open to all, so far these have included, casual lunches and ticketed dinners that include mocktails, and time to connect with like-minded members of our community. Our in-person events have so far been held in Qld, NSW, and Vic. We hope to host events in other states soon. 

We have plenty of fresh ideas for INMIB events to be bigger and better than ever in 2022. The best place to keep an eye out for future event details is to subscribe to our newsletter, keep an eye on socials and once you are a member be sure to keep an eye out for email updates and event announcements on the members-only Whatsapp group.

What if I’m still drinking, is this membership right for me?

Of course. INMIB understands the sober curious and booze-free journey is not linear nor straightforward. This is why we welcome anyone who is interested in re-evaluating their relationship with alcohol to be a part of our judgment-free space including those that are still drinking or practising moderation. 

What if I have already been AF for a while, is this membership right for me?

Of course! Firstly congrats on being AF for a while, what a huge achievement, we at INMIB sincerely hope you are proud of yourself. We have plenty of members that have been sober for numerous days, months, and even years. For you, an INMIB membership can offer you a chance to evolve your AF journey, meet and connect with like-minded people, continue learning new skills to integrate, refresh basic skills and knowledge to keep you grounded in your choice to live AF and most importantly offer you the chance to connect with like-minded people both online and in-person at events where alcohol is not the star of the show, connection is.

What happens if I drink while on this course or as a member?

Our members-only WhatsApp group is an incredibly positive, inspiring, and non-judgmental safe space. If you drink while on this course or as a member you remain as welcome in this community as you were the day you joined. Many of our members have had numerous slip-ups have found that discussing the circumstances that led to them drinking and sharing what they learned from those slip-ups in our “Coffee and Chats” or in our private members-only Whatsapp group empowered them to move forward on their journey. If you drink while on the course or as an INMIB member, we hope that you will allow yourself to share that with the group when you are comfortable to do so and open yourself to receiving the understanding and non-judgemental support our INMIB members and spaces have offered others in exactly the same scenario. And to reiterate you remain as welcome in this community after or while drinking as you were the day you joined!

What are some of the resources included in my membership?

How much time does the course take to complete?

The course is structured to be five weeks long. We highly recommend that you pace yourself and take the full five weeks to finish the course in order to ensure you absorb and integrate the information and reflection as deeply as possible. We believe this will be the best way for you to create sustainable change on your journey. 

However, the course is offered on a self-paced platform , so you can finish it sooner should you wish or take longer then the five weeks to journey through the content.

Do you offer one on one support?

We do for an additional cost. Please click here for more information on one on one coaching.

Is the coursework related to the 12 steps?

INMIB supports a holistic approach to an alcohol-free and sober journey.  The course content is based on examining while you drink and learning how to integrate practices in your everyday life to address those triggers and does not refer to any of AA’s 12 steps.

Can I be a member of INMIB while embracing alternative alcohol treatment programs or therapy?

Most definitely. If you feel INMIB is supporting all your needs on your AF journey then it can of course be all that you rely on. However, we encourage you to jump into all the resources, support systems, traditional treatment programs, non traditional treatment programs, therapies, and any healing modality that inspires you, resonates with you, and supports you on your journey. Being alcohol free and sober curious can at times be hard and isolating which is why it is important to absorb yourself in the AF and Sober Curious culture available to you so that you and your personal needs can be nurtured as deeply as possible wherever you are on your journey.

Please note INMIB is not a detox program.  If you are in acute addition or are expecting to experience withdrawals or currently experiencing withdrawals INMIB asks that you seek medical attention immediately. 

You can also find a list of Australian addiction support networks and contact info here or contact Liifeline for immediate crisis support on 13 11 14. 

Can I cancel my monthly membership at any time?

Yes of course. You can cancel your membership here.

Can I cancel my annual membership at any time?

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership here.

How do I report a technological problem, provide feedback or ask for support?

For technology-related problems or to provide feedback please email our team at

For personal support on your journey, as a member, you have access to our members-only Whatsapp group which is the best place to reach out for inspiration and encouragement.