Transformational Breathwork Workshop With Amy Moldenhauer

Transformational Breathwork

Join Amy the founder of Satori Breathwork for this transformational workshop. Amy is a Trauma-informed breathwork practitioner and helps others learn breath therapy for nervous system regulation, emotional integration & heart connection.

In this Breathwork workshop we will dive into the magic of breathwork and its profound transformational effects on the body.

You will learn how to:

  • use the breath to enter an embodied state of awareness
  • release stagnant emotions stored in the cellular memory of the body
  • increase emotional resilience to unhook from the grips of stress, fear & worry
  • use your breath as an anchor to your body

A powerful, yet loving and gentle process of self-healing that empowers you to meet yourself and what you are made of. Breathwork offers an opportunity to heal on all levels and break old limiting patterns and beliefs so you can begin living in alignment with your true nature & purpose.

We cant wait to see you there!
Learn more at or via Instagram @amymoldenhauer

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