Setting Your Intentions Using Human Design With Harriet Jackson

Your Human Design with Harriet
1:33 hrs
Journal Prompts for Setting Your 2022 Intentions
6 questions
Diving Deeper

Let’s set goals and intentions for 2022 that are in alignment with your energetic blueprint… aka your Human Design Chart!

Human Design brings together the ancient wisdom of Astrology, the I Ching, the Chakras, the Kabbalah — with modern science — Quantum Physics and Genetics, to offer you insights into who you are to be in this lifetime.

Human Design gives you the permission to do YOU. Diving into your chart or having a complete reading can feel like the first time your authentic self is truly seen and understood. It is likely that nothing in your reading will feel new to you, however, this information can provide an empowering kick up the butt to BE YOU.  It is full permission to get off that comparison marathon where you try to be everyone else but you. Human Design will bring you back home to who you have always been but forgot along the way.

This workshop will give you a taste for what Human Design is, as Harriet guides you in pulling your own chart up and breaks down some foundational aspects of your Human Design Chart. In this session, you will discover your energy type, strategy, authority, signature, and not-self themes.  



  • Uncover how you best set intentions and visions
  • Learn the best way for you to navigate your life and interact with the world 
  • Understand how you can best make decisions
  • Learn your two pillars of when you are in alignment energetically and when you are not



Whilst doing this workshop please ensure you have the following details 

  • Your birth date
  • Your birth location 
  • Your birth time (if you do not know the exact time, please bring a range)



Harriet is an Empowerment Coach, Human Design reader, meditation teacher, creator of women’s gatherings, host of Soulful Chat’s Podcast, and a lover of all things self-expression.

She is also an Aquarius Sun and a projector in Human Design who is passionate about supporting women peel back the layers of who they think they should be so they can instead, start loving who they are and living their truest authentic version of themselves!

Harriet mentors and empowers 20 to 30- something year old women who feel confused and stuck. She guides them to dissolve their blocks and transform their beliefs and mindset so they can create their authentic life by owning and trusting their uniqueness!

Instagram: @harrietjackson_

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Enrolled: 7 students
Duration: 1.5
Modules: 3