How to Stay Motivated on Your Sober Journey With Faye Lawerence

How to Stay Motivated on Your Sober Journey
56 mins
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We are excited to bring a workshop hosted by one of the most inspiring woman you will ever meet in the sober community. Faye founded Untoxicated, Australia’s largest alcohol-free social + peer support community. Faye has supported thousands of Australians to change their relationship with booze.

Faye holds a degree in psychology, she is a certified Grey Area Drinker coach, and is well versed in all things trauma (both academically + having lived it).

Being a high functioning heavy drinker herself for decades before she finally got sober in 2017 she understands the journey and what you are going through.

This workshop has been designed so you can learn how to work through the festive months without alcohol. The hardest thing about the alcohol free journey is staying motivated especially when most of the world drinks. You will come away from this workshop feeling inspired and empowered! Instagram: @untoxicated_aus and @fayelawrence_  

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