Can you keep your social life and be alcohol free

Alcohol, I hear you mentioned at least five time a day. People talk about you because it’s what everyone has in common. You are relateable and you create stories, conversations and connections that people may not naturally have. So how do I stay relateable and connected to the world when I’m practically going against it?

I find the biggest challenge to giving up alcohol is the concern that I will become boring or people will think I’m boring. I don’t want to lose my social life and my friends. I love the excitement of knowing I have a party or an event coming up. I enjoy thinking about what I am going to wear and who I’m going to hang out with on the night. Life can be so stressful and chaotic it’s nice to have something to look forward to. A day/night that is dedicated to having fun , where you can let your hair down. So why should I loose these experiences because I don’t drink alcohol. When did alcohol become the vital part of me having a good time and connecting with people? Surely this can’t be true.

On Tuesday night I hosted an event where I had invited clients and friends. A couple days prior I had got that rush of excitement I usually do before a night out drinking. I was excited to have my friends and favourite clients in the same room. I planned what I was going to wear and even went to the hairdressers to get my hair coloured. Usually doing this preparation before an event meant I was going to have a big one. The kind of big one that would result in rocking up to work the morning after late and operating on no sleep. I think subconsciously I still thought there was a chance of this happening as I left my car at work.

I remember on my way to the event I was having an internal battle questioning why I shouldn’t drink tonight.
“If you drink you will most likely be depressed and be unproductive for the next week.”
“But this is an event with all my favourite people, I want to have a good time and be fun.”
“Yes you may be more funny and entertaining but there is also a chance you will be disengaged, inappropriate and sloppy.”
“But I know better now, I can drink and be well behaved!”
“Mm looking at your past trends, drunk you doesn’t think rationally, drunk you doesn’t give a fuck about anything or anyone. It’s not one occasion you have got drunk and made mistakes, this happens about eighty percent of the time you drink.”
I have my answer, I simply don’t want to be fucked for the rest of the week or make a dick of myself.

It’s Saturday and I went for a run this morning, spent time with my partner and am now writing this. I feel motivated, energy levels are high and my head space is good. The event was successful and to my surprise I was one of the last people standing. I didn’t touch a drink and I can honestly say I enjoyed being sober. I loved the conversations I had and my friends said they have never seen me so engaging. In the past week I have been the most social I have ever been post event. Usually I would do one social outing and then I would feel so shit I would spend my evenings in bed eating crap and watching Netflix. Being alcohol free hasn’t made me less social or fun, it’s actually increased my energy to spend more time with my friends and helped me be a better person to hang out with.

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