Love your AF journey

Five week course

‘Love your AF journey’ is a self-paced online five week course that will change the way you think about alcohol and yourself. Work through 33 modules, which include evidence-based self refection activities while you connect with other INMIB Members; a community of legends. The course has been designed to help you explore your relationship with alcohol so you can vibrate on a higher frequency.

Now before you get thinking too much about high-frequency vibrations, let me be clear: this is no manifestation exercise! My course is backed by neuroscience, psychology, psychotherapy, and experience to transform your thinking and behaviours. When we use alcohol as a coping mechanism we put our bodies in survival mode, which doesn’t let us use the higher part of our brain: the executive brain. By enrolling in our course you can begin living your best life because when you’re glowing from the inside you’ll attract bigger and better things.

  • Week 1

    Understanding why you drink

    -Develop self-awareness of your drinking behaviours

    -Learn the physiological effects of alcohol

    -Debunk alcohol myths

    -Understand brain structures and identify your subconscious

  • Week 2

    Discover yourself

    -Define your ideal life

    -Identify your values

    -Draft your personal mission statement

    -Set your goals

  • Week 3

    Tap into your subconscious

    -Overcome limiting beliefs, guilt and shame

    -Overcome your fears

    -Learn how to control your subconscious

    -Discover your strengths

  • Week 4

    Show up as you

    -Build confidence to socialise sober

    -Learn how to set boundaries

    -Learn how to talk about your sober journey

    -Embrace your imperfections

  • Week 5

    Create Sustainable change

    -Build your sober tool kit

    -Implement new habits

    -Create new strategies

    -Align your true-self with your values